New Partnership!!

New Partnership!!

I’m stoked to announce an exclusive partnership between Joe’s Surfboard Shop and ESTERO! Since the Morro Bay shop’s inception, Joe Nichols has been an essential part of the surfing community with his shaping expertise, repair skills, and solid character. Joe’s is a great fit for ESTERO and the shop crew is in alignment with our mission of “having fun and giving back”. That’s what it’s all about after all isn’t it?



2019 Monster & Sea “24” Final Update

2019 Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay Envelope Recipients

2019 Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay Envelope Recipients

After a solid 24hr paddle fundraising campaign this year, 8 warriors in San Luis Obispo County each received $1k in an envelope with a note of love, strength, and encouragement. Over the past four years, and with help from the community, Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay has raised $31k for Central Coast families battling cancer. The 2019 paddle was amazing from the time we started posting flyers, until the end of the 24hr paddle at Coleman Beach. Epic local business support coupled with genuine community involvement made for another fulfilling year. The 2020 paddle is just around the corner…. teams are growing and word is spreading!

Thanks for supporting the community!



2019 Monster & Sea “24” Update #2


About four months have passed since Team Morro Bay paddled in the 24hr Monster & Sea “24” paddle and a lot has transpired. To say we’ve been busy is an understatement to say the least. As Captain for Team Morro Bay, I’m proud to say that this year’s paddle went off with a hitch. The weather, paddler turnout, community support, and fundraising was incredible! Food sponsors Duckie’s Chowderhouse, Beach Hut Deli, and Pizza Port all kept us fed and fueled for our round the clock event. With help from the community, we filled 8 envelopes with $1k each for 8 families in the fight with cancer. So far, we’ve delivered seven of the eight envelopes and are strategically planning the last delivery for the year.

Stay tuned for a final update

2019 Monster & Sea “24” update #1

ESTERO is proud to cover jersey costs for Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay for a third year in a row. The jerseys are two sided, bright red, and don four unique graphics. On the left chest, the Monster & Sea brand graphic and on the back, the “24/Go Because You Can” motto. The left sleeve displays a “5” signifying the fifth year of the event. The right sleeve bears a heart with the name Bob, and 2018.  This hits home for the paddling community, especially for Team Vancouver.  Please take a moment to read the powerful the words of Team Vancouver paddler, Jason Lexa. 

“Bob... Where do I start? We lost Bob in January. The same month he announced to the then group of 5 Vancouver 24 team members that he would be joining us as our 6th teammate. I was frothin./
Bob was a pioneer of stand up paddle boarding in these parts. In any parts really. He believed that the sport, thru it’s connection to the water and each other, could “change the way we live on the planet”. Bob walked the walk. He led with a quiet, confident voice of compassion, support and enthusiasm. He stood up for the environment and for those without a voice. You walked away from any conversation with Bob feeling loved.
In 2011 Bob began a campaign to make positive change thru SUP. He paddled everyday, thru snow and ice, thru cold rain and overwhelming heat and wind for well over 2000 consecutive days until his health failed. Whatever the circumstance, Bob would go.
Bob put up a brave fight against cancer. His loss is heavy. He may be gone but, thru each of us, his legacy lives on. It’s up to us to pick up where he left off and continue to create positive change in how we care for the planet that gives us life and how we interact with one and other.
Bob walked the walk. I think we should too.“ -Jason Lexa • April 8th 2018

Bob Purdy photo by Troy Nebeker

Monster & Sea “24” Paddle 2019

Monster & Sea “24” Paddle 2019

 One more year boils down to one more set of families that are given a breath of fresh air in their fight with cancer. Monster & Sea was born from a family in need of a break of their own. The benevolent mission of giving back to folks is what Monster & Sea founder, Troy Nebeker created. The very first “24” was put in motion by Troy as he motivated a team of five other paddlers to paddle for 24hrs. Community support grew and their paddle mission of raising money to benefit families with cancer did too. Fast forward 5 years later to now... This year there are 40 teams across the US, Caribbean, and Canada. With so much growing community involvement and support, this will be a record year for the Monster & Sea “24”. 

 For more info on the “24” and  to donate, please visit




"Of Marshes and Morros"


Morro Bay National Estuary Program’s “Of Marshes and Morros” shows the amazing importance of our estuary on so many levels. The survival of the Morro Bay National Estuary is vital for so many local plants, animals, and insects, as well as several migratory species. ESTERO is proud to support the efforts of Morro Bay National Estuary Program by continually donating 20% from our “Estuary line” sales.

ESTERO Estuary Logo Rounded 3 Color FINAL - SQUARE.jpg

"Women Walk On Water"

"Women Walk On Water" graphic by talented artist Erin Witters of The Salty Life Co. 

"Women Walk On Water" graphic by talented artist Erin Witters of The Salty Life Co. 

Adi Mahan...talented, inspirational, determined, and putting together a documentary on women in the surfing culture. Her project, "Women Walk On Water", dives into the talented, the controversial, and the way women are seen, presented, and represented surrounding the sport and lifestyle. ESTERO has partnered up with Adi in a fundraising campaign to make her film come to fruition. Look for ESTERO / "Women Walk On Water" collab tanks and tees at this Thursday's Farmer's Market in SLO! The collab apparel will be available on if there's still stock left from the Farmer's event. 

WWOW mock-up by Lauren Wheatley of J.Carroll

WWOW mock-up by Lauren Wheatley of J.Carroll

2018 Monster & Sea "24" UPDATE #3

2018 Monster & Sea "24"Team Morro Bay - (L to R) Stanley Craig, Sandi Twist, Ken Twist, Teddy Borja, Michele Mechling, Eileen Small.

2018 Monster & Sea "24"Team Morro Bay - (L to R) Stanley Craig, Sandi Twist, Ken Twist, Teddy Borja, Michele Mechling, Eileen Small.

Team Morro Bay has concluded this year's fundraising for the Monster & Sea 24hr Paddle. In just two months, 100+ members of the community came together to support families on the Central Coast that are in a bare knuckle brawl with cancer. As of today, our team has delivered seven of envelopes stuffed with love, hope, and support. With raising $11k, we have four more envelopes to deliver. 

More to come...

TeddyB - Team Captain, Monster & Sea "24" Team Morro Bay


2018 Monster & Sea "24" UPDATE #2

Monster & Sea "24" Team Morro Bay Flyer

Monster & Sea "24" Team Morro Bay Flyer

As team captain for Monster & Sea "24" Team Morro Bay, I'm stoked to say we've not only met our initial goal of $6k, but surpassed it by $2k!! 

What does this mean??  Eight, local Central Coast families battling cancer will be receiving very special envelopes. These envelopes contain $1k and a note to let them know they are not alone in their fight. With the help of the community, may lives will be touched. 

Oh, are we stopping at eight? No! We've raised our goal to hopefully reach a ninth family!

Thanks for your support!

TeddyB - Team Captain, Monster & Sea "24" Team Morro Bay    

2018 Monster & Sea "24" UPDATE

As both the owner of ESTERO and Team Captain for the Monster & Sea "24" - Morro Bay, I'm stoked to say that we've filled the first of six envelopes. With the efforts of amazing donors, this envelope, filled with $1000 cash, will make it to a local family struggling with cancer. There are many expenses and burdens that come with if the health part isn’t enough. This envelope will be a breather in a family’s fight, as it can provide for so much: funds for treatments, fuel to get to and from appointments, food, lodging costs near special centers, help with recurring expenses, and more. 
All this is possible through generous donors caring for others. 


Teddy Borja,

Team Captain, Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay


2018 Monster and Sea "24" - Team Morro Bay

2018 Monster and Sea "24" - Team Morro Bay


ESTERO is very proud to spread the word about the upcoming 2018 Monster and Sea "24" Paddle. Team Morro Bay will be paddling for a third year in a row in this 24hr benevolent event.

2018 Monster and Sea Team Morro Bay:

  • Eileen Small, local paddler, Morro Bay Dragon Boat paddler, and cancer survivor. This is her first "24" paddling for Team Morro Bay.
  • Ken Twist, local paddler, owner of The Paddleboard Company. This is his third "24" paddling on Team Morro Bay.
  • Michele Mechling, local paddler coming from a family of Central Coast paddlers. This is her first "24" paddling for Team Morro Bay.
  • Sandi Twist, local paddler, SUP yoga instructor, and owner of The Paddleboard Company. This is her third "24" paddling for Team Morro Bay.
  • Stanley "Stanimal" Craig, local paddler, firefighter, and realtor. This is his third "24" paddling on Team Morro Bay.    
  • Teddy (Me), local paddler, firefighter, and owner of ESTERO. This is my third "24" captaining and paddling for Team Morro Bay.                                                                                                                       

Last year our Morro Bay Paddle Team surpassed our $6000 goal by raising $7000 with the help of several generous donors! We were able to help four local Central Coast families struggling with cancer. We delivered an envelopes containing $1000 each to SEVEN families! All donations stay local.

ESTERO is proud to support the benevolent efforts of Monster & Sea and Team Morro Bay.

For a second year in a row, ESTERO is covering jersey costs for Team Morro Bay.

Go Because You Can!


ESTERO "Outsider" jacket...


New jackets...

wind resistant/water resistant/weather resistant

Here's the deal.....any company can buy a jacket, slap a patch on it and call it theirs. That's not what I did. I wore this jacket for a few weeks in many different settings and it's exactly what it resistant. Water/wind/mild problems. This jacket is made for the Central Coast and will repel wind and water with no problem. One thing....when the temp hits 70ºF, it gets very warm. The micro fleece lining, is soft to the touch and locks in heat. True quality from Independent trading Co. makes this jacket normally retail for $61.00.  I wanted to get it out there without gouging people as ESTERO all about having fun and giving back.

20% of "Outsider" line sales is donated to San Luis Obispo County Firefighters Benevolent Association.   

The jacket has an ESTERO patch for the sole purpose of letting people know it has my seal of approval. 




Quick note on holiday shipping.....

Due to the fires and staffing at the local fire stations....if you purchase anything off the site, there's a good chance your order won't make it to you until after the holidays.......unless:

1. You live locally in the communities of  Cayucos, Morro Bay, or Los Osos. I'll personally deliver your order to your doorstep...FOR FREE!!

2. You schedule a pickup.

You can always find ESTERO apparel at The Paddleboard Company on the Morro Bay Embarcadero.




Doubling apparel donations...

Effective Dec. 1st, ESTERO is very proud to have increased donations from apparel sales to 2️⃣0️⃣% • ESTERO proudly donates to the Morro Bay National Estuary Program, Operation Surf, and San Luis Obispo County Firefighters Benevolent Association •


Effective immediately, 50% of all “Outsider” line sales proceeds will be donated to the San Luis Obispo County Firefighters Benevolent Association • This 50% donation period will be in effect for the month of October 2017 • The CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire Department has several close ties to victims of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas • For clarity, a 50% donation to the Benevolent Association means if an Outsider item sells for $20.00, $10.00 will be donated forward. Since all ESTERO apparel is keystone priced, there is absolutely zero profit in these items. This is the only way I feel comfortable associating and donating to help the good folks affected by this tragedy. 

Love and strength,


Direct donations to the Benevolent Association may be sent to the following address:

CDF/San Luis Obispo County Firefighters Benevolent Association
P.O. Box 810
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406


SLOCOFBA is a California 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

FDID# 77-0305877

2017 Monster & Sea "24" Morro Bay

(from lt) Ken, Teddy, Trevor, Jeff, Nikki, Stanley 

(from lt) Ken, Teddy, Trevor, Jeff, Nikki, Stanley 

Monster & Sea "24" Team Morro Bay has reached their initial goal of $6000 and met their stretch goal to fill a 7th envelope!! That's $7000 raised by 117 amazing people in 2 short months! Envelopes stuffed with $1000 cash going out to seven families. More updates soon!

2017 Monster & Sea 24hr paddle ~ April15th-16th

For the second year in a row, ESTERO's TeddyB is heading up the Morro Bay paddle team for the upcoming Monster & Sea 24hr paddle fundraiser. The event, dubbed "The 24", 

 Last year our Morro Bay Paddle Team met our $4000 goal with the help of several generous donors! We were able to help four local Central Coast families struggling with cancer and delivered four envelopes with $1000 to each family!  All donations stay local.

This year the Morro Bay paddle team has set a goal to help six families on the Central Coast.

A little history...

About two years ago, a team of six stand up paddlers from the Pacific Northwest set out on a benevolent mission…their goal, to raise money for families dealing with cancer. Medical expenses are not the only burden a family has to bear when cancer rears it’s terrible head. Expenses from travel back and forth to appointments and treatments, food and lodging near specialty centers, childcare, loss of work and income…the list alone is overwhelming. 

With the support of their community, the six paddlers delivered seven envelopes to seven families dealing with cancer. Each envelope contained two things: $1000 and a short note in a card. You may ask how does one deliver an envelope filled with $1000 to someone they may have never even met? As Troy Nebeker, founder of Monster & Sea and the M&S 24hr paddle describes,“Very simple. A knock on the door, slide it under and walk away. The card inside tells the story…it reads,“There is a community of people who are fighting for you. Our hope is this will give you a moment of peace in this crazy time.” - Lots of love from the Monster and Sea community.

Troy Nebeker, a man with many talents and a heart filled with goodness has gathered the paddling community together to go because we can, and give because we can. Troy started Monster & Sea, an ocean and paddleboard centered apparel company that donates money through sales to families dealing with cancer. Troy and his family have been in the trenches and on the frontline of the cancer battlefield but were able to find strength and healing through the sea. The Monster & Sea battle cry is #GoBecauseYouCan. Google it, check it on Instagram, see it on Facebook…it’s real, live and happening every day.

Last year,  0800 on March 26th and ending at 0800 on March 27th, 7 paddle teams of 6 paddlers, simultaneously embarked on a 24hr paddle in various parts of North America. Seattle and six satellite locations including Vancouver, Newport, Ontario, Idaho, North Carolina, and here in Morro Bay each hosted the 24hr paddle and raised $48,000! That's 48 envelopes going to 48 families!!!

This year there will be 14 - six person - paddle teams across the United States and Canada. 

Each location will have three rotating two-person paddle crews throughout the day, night, and into next the morning. They will paddle in solidarity to help some warriors realize they are not alone in their battle. 

Cancer, we are here and we won’t back down…ever. 

Please assist in helping others.


10%...what does that mean??

So we say we donate 10% right...but what does that really mean? Take one of our shirts...they sell for $22.00. 10% of that is $2.20, right? The $2.20 is set aside and when donations total up to a good round number of $50, $75, or $100, I cut a check. Nothing huge, nothing oversized cardboard showpiece, just a simple bank note that passes the goodness forward.

So where does the remaining $19.80 go? $10 goes to cover the cost of shirt and the $9.80 goes towards towards a ton of other things like these:

-R&D on new products and future apparel items

-decal production (decals have 100% revenue donated)

-set-up costs on new apparel screens and decals    

-website/domain charges

-shipping charges/order shipping overages

-fuel costs for product pick-up and free local order delivery

-miscellaneous stationary items including rubber stamps, signs, envelopes, folders, etc...

-ESTERO Adventure Ambassador Program

I've worked very hard and I'm very fortunate to have earned a career as a fireman. I'm very thankful it enables me to provide for my family and provide a source of stability. I have the utmost respect for the small business owner as I've seen that you really have to hustle to get things moving...and even then there's no guarantee you're going to make it?

 ESTERO started out as a project but now it's in full swing as a goodness machine!

"Having fun and giving back along the way..." -TeddyB

 Just in case you had any question on overhead costs, here's a pic of the ESTERO "wearhouse" 

"The official ESTERO "wearhouse"...yeah, it's in my garage." -TeddyB

"The official ESTERO "wearhouse"...yeah, it's in my garage." -TeddyB

ESTERO = "estuary" Spanish


So if ESTERO translates to estuary in

Spanish...what exactly is an estuary??

Well, Merriam-Webster defines it as the following:


noun  es·tu·ary  \ˈes-chə-ˌwer-ē, ˈesh-\

Simple Definition of estuary

  • : an area where a river flows into the sea "


ESTERO thinks estuaries are pretty important places...that's why very soon, our new graphic will be on a new line of t-shirts, hoodies, and decals. These apparel items bearing the new estuary graphic will have 10% of sales revenue donated to the Estuary Program in Morro Bay. This new graphic was a group effort by a couple fellow firefighters, Casey Jenkins and Martin Pierce, both of Los Osos. I had a concept in my head, Martin went out and shot some drone footage off South Bay, and I snapped  screenshots of the estuary. I brought the pic to Casey and he put together my vision. After running a few color and detail items by Troy, of Monster & Sea, a design was finalized.

Within the next few weeks, Shirts, hoodies, hats, and decals will be out and available.