Looking at doing some trucker hats....

Looking at doing some trucker hats....

Cayucos Collective made a nice prototype trucker hat for us. We've dubbed this graphic "MDO Lookout".  If you have any pics you've personally snapped and think they would make a great graphic, email us @ esteropaddle@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram: @esteropaddle  There's probably a hat and some shirts in it for you. -TeddyB

ESTERO apparel available at The Paddleboard Co. in Morro Bay

ThePaddleboard Co. is located on the Morro Bay Embarcadero at 591 Embarcadero 

ThePaddleboard Co. is located on the Morro Bay Embarcadero at 591 Embarcadero 

We are stoked to say ESTERO is now available at the Paddleboard Co. on the Morro Bay Embarcadero!  The Paddleboard Co. is a premium SUP shop located right on the water. 10% of all ESTERO retail and online sales are donated to @OperationSurf

The Monster & Sea 24hr Cancer Paddle

The Monster & Sea 24hr Paddle: MORRO BAY

Almost one year ago, a team of six stand up paddlers from the Pacific Northwest set out on a benevolent mission…their goal, to raise money for families dealing with cancer. Medical expenses are not the only burden a family has to bear when cancer rears it’s terrible head. Expenses from travel back and forth to appointments and treatments, food and lodging near specialty centers, childcare, loss of work and income…the list alone is overwhelming.  

With the support of their community, the six paddlers delivered seven envelopes to seven families dealing with cancer. Each envelope contained two things: $1000 and a short note in a card. You may ask how does one deliver an envelope filled with $1000 to someone they may have never even met?  As Troy Nebeker, founder of Monster & Sea and the M&S 24hr paddle describes,“Very simple. A knock on the door, slide it under and walk away. The card inside tells the story…it reads,“There is a community of people who are fighting for you. Our hope is this will give you a moment of peace in this crazy time.” - Lots of love from the Monster and Sea community.
Troy Nebeker, a man with many talents and a heart filled with goodness has gathered the paddling community together to go because we can, and give because we can.  Troy started Monster & Sea, an ocean and paddleboard centered apparel company that donates money through sales to families dealing with cancer. Troy and his family have been in the trenches and on the frontline of the cancer battlefield but were able to find strength and healing through the sea. The Monster & Sea battle cry is #GoBecauseYouCan. Google it, check it on Instagram, see it on Facebook…it’s real, live and happening every day.
This year starting at 0800 on March 26th and ending at 0800 on March 27th, 7 paddle teams of 6 paddlers, will embark simultaneously on a 24hr paddle in various parts of North America. Seattle and six satellite locations including Vancouver, Newport, Ontario, Idaho, North Carolina, and here in Morro Bay will each host this 24hr paddle. 
Each location will have three rotating two-person paddle crews through out the day, night, and into next the morning.  They will paddle in solidarity to help some warriors realize they are not alone in their battle. 

Cancer, we are here and we won’t back down…ever.         

Please assist us in helping others.


Teddy Borja
Morro Bay-Paddle Team Captain

'tanks braddah!


After a vast number of requests we decided to screen some racerback tanktops for the ladies.  I'm a guy so I asked a few local ladies, and my cousin in Colorado (thanks Heather!) what they looked for in a tank. Great answers about material, cut, fit, and price came back from a trail runner, a crossfitter, a bikini model/EMT, a busy mom, a photographer/college student, and my lovely wife....just to name a few. Yesterday we posted a sneak peek on Instagram showing our ladies racerback tank tops and we received some nice feedback. These tops are really soft and come in black and gray colors.  The light front screen makes them perfect for workout wear, a bikini cover-up, and/or an everyday tank top to wear around for any occasion.  These tanks will be up on our site as we're coordinating modeling and what not.  We're learning as we go but we've found that listening to the experts always pays off.....Thanks ladies!!  -Teddy

So we're up and running!

Yes, we're up and running, but not without a lot of help on the site from Marc Amesse.  Marc is a lot of things: mountain biker, surfer, SUP'r, photographer, business owner, coach, veteran, family man, and all around good guy. I feel lucky just to call him my friend.  He is a mild mannered, soft spoken man, that makes things happen....good things.  I want to take a moment to thank Marc for his work, craft, eye and art of photography.  Marc has assisted with this site both technically and artistically...without compensation.  I don't know how he finds the time for a career but Marc owns the State Farm Insurance office in SLO and he is a professional photographer to boot.  I'm pleased to share his insurance and photography websites and I'm sure you'll be just as happy doing business with him as I am. -Teddy

Marc Amesse State Farm Insurance Agent

 Light Scout Creative by Marc Amesse

I'm usually asleep at this hour...

I'm usually asleep at this hour...


Well, we have decals in stacks and t-shirts in boxes....and I'm usually in bed by now.  It's 0028 and the night err, morning is young.  So much to get done.  Finishing up this website and what not...I've learned a lot about small business, webpages, SSL certificates, decals, silk screening, e-commerce, what else??  I've been able to pick the brains of some dear friends and watch a lot of YouTube video tutorials.  I'm really excited about getting out stuff out there and donating to OPERATION SURF.  I just saw them on the NatGeo IG feed tonight and it made me happy to see it.  Things are coming together for this "idea" Sam and I had.  We've received a lot of rad feedback on things and it's really going to be an adventure. Stick with us and see where this goes.  -Teddy

Stick with us!!

The ESTERO decals have arrived and we're really happy with how they turned out.  They measure 2.75"x2.75" and are finished with a UV resistant luster top layer.  These decals will stand up to the sea, salt, sun, and snow.  Stick 'em where they belong, mind the trash, and have fun!