New jackets...

wind resistant/water resistant/weather resistant

Here's the deal.....any company can buy a jacket, slap a patch on it and call it theirs. That's not what I did. I wore this jacket for a few weeks in many different settings and it's exactly what it resistant. Water/wind/mild problems. This jacket is made for the Central Coast and will repel wind and water with no problem. One thing....when the temp hits 70ºF, it gets very warm. The micro fleece lining, is soft to the touch and locks in heat. True quality from Independent trading Co. makes this jacket normally retail for $61.00.  I wanted to get it out there without gouging people as ESTERO all about having fun and giving back.

20% of "Outsider" line sales is donated to San Luis Obispo County Firefighters Benevolent Association.   

The jacket has an ESTERO patch for the sole purpose of letting people know it has my seal of approval.