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2019 Monster & Sea “24” Final Update

2019 Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay Envelope Recipients

2019 Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay Envelope Recipients

After a solid 24hr paddle fundraising campaign this year, 8 warriors in San Luis Obispo County each received $1k in an envelope with a note of love, strength, and encouragement. Over the past four years, and with help from the community, Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay has raised $31k for Central Coast families battling cancer. The 2019 paddle was amazing from the time we started posting flyers, until the end of the 24hr paddle at Coleman Beach. Epic local business support coupled with genuine community involvement made for another fulfilling year. The 2020 paddle is just around the corner…. teams are growing and word is spreading!

Thanks for supporting the community!



2019 Monster & Sea “24” update #1

ESTERO is proud to cover jersey costs for Monster & Sea “24” Team Morro Bay for a third year in a row. The jerseys are two sided, bright red, and don four unique graphics. On the left chest, the Monster & Sea brand graphic and on the back, the “24/Go Because You Can” motto. The left sleeve displays a “5” signifying the fifth year of the event. The right sleeve bears a heart with the name Bob, and 2018.  This hits home for the paddling community, especially for Team Vancouver.  Please take a moment to read the powerful the words of Team Vancouver paddler, Jason Lexa. 

“Bob... Where do I start? We lost Bob in January. The same month he announced to the then group of 5 Vancouver 24 team members that he would be joining us as our 6th teammate. I was frothin./
Bob was a pioneer of stand up paddle boarding in these parts. In any parts really. He believed that the sport, thru it’s connection to the water and each other, could “change the way we live on the planet”. Bob walked the walk. He led with a quiet, confident voice of compassion, support and enthusiasm. He stood up for the environment and for those without a voice. You walked away from any conversation with Bob feeling loved.
In 2011 Bob began a campaign to make positive change thru SUP. He paddled everyday, thru snow and ice, thru cold rain and overwhelming heat and wind for well over 2000 consecutive days until his health failed. Whatever the circumstance, Bob would go.
Bob put up a brave fight against cancer. His loss is heavy. He may be gone but, thru each of us, his legacy lives on. It’s up to us to pick up where he left off and continue to create positive change in how we care for the planet that gives us life and how we interact with one and other.
Bob walked the walk. I think we should too.“ -Jason Lexa • April 8th 2018

Bob Purdy photo by Troy Nebeker