Well, we have decals in stacks and t-shirts in boxes....and I'm usually in bed by now.  It's 0028 and the night err, morning is young.  So much to get done.  Finishing up this website and what not...I've learned a lot about small business, webpages, SSL certificates, decals, silk screening, e-commerce, what else??  I've been able to pick the brains of some dear friends and watch a lot of YouTube video tutorials.  I'm really excited about getting out stuff out there and donating to OPERATION SURF.  I just saw them on the NatGeo IG feed tonight and it made me happy to see it.  Things are coming together for this "idea" Sam and I had.  We've received a lot of rad feedback on things and it's really going to be an adventure. Stick with us and see where this goes.  -Teddy