Yes, we're up and running, but not without a lot of help on the site from Marc Amesse.  Marc is a lot of things: mountain biker, surfer, SUP'r, photographer, business owner, coach, veteran, family man, and all around good guy. I feel lucky just to call him my friend.  He is a mild mannered, soft spoken man, that makes things happen....good things.  I want to take a moment to thank Marc for his work, craft, eye and art of photography.  Marc has assisted with this site both technically and artistically...without compensation.  I don't know how he finds the time for a career but Marc owns the State Farm Insurance office in SLO and he is a professional photographer to boot.  I'm pleased to share his insurance and photography websites and I'm sure you'll be just as happy doing business with him as I am. -Teddy

Marc Amesse State Farm Insurance Agent

 Light Scout Creative by Marc Amesse