So we say we donate 10% right...but what does that really mean? Take one of our shirts...they sell for $22.00. 10% of that is $2.20, right? The $2.20 is set aside and when donations total up to a good round number of $50, $75, or $100, I cut a check. Nothing huge, nothing oversized cardboard showpiece, just a simple bank note that passes the goodness forward.

So where does the remaining $19.80 go? $10 goes to cover the cost of shirt and the $9.80 goes towards towards a ton of other things like these:

-R&D on new products and future apparel items

-decal production (decals have 100% revenue donated)

-set-up costs on new apparel screens and decals    

-website/domain charges

-shipping charges/order shipping overages

-fuel costs for product pick-up and free local order delivery

-miscellaneous stationary items including rubber stamps, signs, envelopes, folders, etc...

-ESTERO Adventure Ambassador Program

I've worked very hard and I'm very fortunate to have earned a career as a fireman. I'm very thankful it enables me to provide for my family and provide a source of stability. I have the utmost respect for the small business owner as I've seen that you really have to hustle to get things moving...and even then there's no guarantee you're going to make it?

 ESTERO started out as a project but now it's in full swing as a goodness machine!

"Having fun and giving back along the way..." -TeddyB

 Just in case you had any question on overhead costs, here's a pic of the ESTERO "wearhouse" 

"The official ESTERO "wearhouse"...yeah, it's in my garage." -TeddyB

"The official ESTERO "wearhouse"...yeah, it's in my garage." -TeddyB